Sir John’s Dutch Chocolate Whisky Fudge
The lucky few

Sir John’s Dutch Chocolate Whisky Fudge is not for everyone. You are one of the lucky few who are chosen.

Sir John’s Dutch Chocolate Whisky Fudge is made after a secret recipe. It is infused with single malt whisky. The whisky brand varies per produced stash. It is always a surprise which whisky brand is used.


Who is Sir John
Sir John Badger

Sir John Badger is a lifestyle guru. He advises celebrities and wanna be celebrities on how to dress, how to behave in public and on interior design.

His specialty and fetish is wallpaper. That’s also how he got his title. After advising the Queen on the choice of wallpaper for her private rooms, she was so delighted and thankful that she insisted on giving him a title and a rather large mansion near Edinburgh.

He is a smoker, but with style. He loves a good dram of single malt whisky, preferably an Islay whisky. You can often find him with a dram at the bar or in the salon.

During his childhood he developed a love for chocolate fudge. From an early age, he was designing all kinds of things by making drawings. Every time he finished a drawing, his mother would give him a homemade piece of chocolate fudge. And he made a lot of drawings during the day.


Sir John’s quotes
Loved by everyone who is someone

Sir John’s quotes are notorious among celebrities. He is a welcome guest at special occasions and party’s given by the rich and famous. He regards many as his close friends.


Order Your Stash
Sir John’s Dutch Chocolate Whisky Fudge

One stash consists of a sachet filled with 120 grams of Sir John’s Dutch Chocolate Whisky Fudge.

Send us your request and we will contact you for the amount of sachets, price and shipping costs.