Rawshell Phone Casings

Concept Design | Product Design | Visual Design | Branding | Motion Graphics | Art-Direction

These are concept designs for extreme luxurious phone casings. The casings will be made out of titanium and encrusted with raw and cut diamonds.

Brooch / Pochet Rijksmuseum Award

Concept Design | Product Design | Visual Design | Photography

The concept for this design was based on the tulip mania which took place around 1634 in the Netherlands. The tulip had become so expensive and exclusive to the point that French court ladies payd hundreds of dutch guilders for one tulip, to wear in their decolleté at a gala ball.

This design can be worn as a brooch for woman and as pochet for men.
The design has participated in the competition for the Rijksmuseum Award.

Nieuwe Wegen Ballast Nedam

Concept Design | Branding | Visual Design | Copywriting

The concept presents a new look on the core business of Ballast Nedam.
It literally says ‘New Ways’, new ways of thinking and acting. A new approach to building infrastructures.
Text: ‘Infrastructural Problem? We gladly act as bridge builders!


Het Flores Huis Community Center

Concept Design | Branding | Visual Design | Copywriting | Advertising Campaign

‘Personal Development’ is the main focus of this concept. A community center should be a place where people get the opportunity to grow, go beyond there limitations and also feel at home at the same time.

The logo has an open, playfull and structural caracter to it. The colors are warm and protective. In the advertising campaign the visiters are speaking of their personal gain from the community center.


Westo Precast Concrete Factory

Concept Design | Branding | Visual Design | Copywriting | Art-Direction

‘We as precast concrete factory can create anything out of concrete’ is the idea behind this concept. They even can make a car, boat or plane out of precast concrete. Text: ‘We know the possibilities’.

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