Dirk Stobbe Intervision and Personal Coach

Concept Design | Visual Design | Art-Direction | Branding | Photography | Social Media Marketing

Dirk Stobbe is an intervision and personal coach mainly in the field of farmacie and health care

Concept of the Branding: Dirk Stobbe is a very approachable person, so the logo fisualises lightness and accessibility. To give Dirk a professional and credible image, the Branding has the form of a trademark, a medal.


Fluxion The GumCareCompanion

Concept Design | Visual Design | Art-Direction | Branding | Advertising | Web Design | Motion Graphics | Animation | Dental Illustrations | Packaging Design | Social Media Marketing

The Fluxion is a dentil device for the early treatment of peri-implant mucositis.
To reduce the inflammatory reaction it can potentially prevent the occurrence of peri-implantitis.

The idea behind the Branding of the Fluxion is to give it a professional look and feel and in the same time, an airy and flowing effect.

Sir John’s Dutch Chocolate Whisky Fudge

Concept Design | Branding | Visual Design | Packaging Design | Advertising | Social Media Marketing | Web Design | Art-Direction

Sir John’s Dutch Chocolate Whisky Fudge is made after a secret recipe. It is infused with single malt whisky. The concept is based on authentisity and exlcusifity. Arouse curiosity about the product.

Who is Sir John and what makes it special. The branding revers to Art Deco design. Style with an air of luxury.

Brooch / Pochet Rijksmuseum Award

Concept Design | Product Design | Visual Design | Art-Direction | Photography

The concept for this design was based on the tulip mania which took place around 1634 in the Netherlands. The tulip had become so expensive and exclusive to the point that French court ladies payd hundreds of dutch guilders for one tulip, to wear in their decolleté at a gala ball.

This design can be worn as jewelry in de form of a brooch for woman and as pochet for men. The design has participated in the competition for the Rijksmuseum Award.


Optima Farma

Branding | Visual Design | Web Design | Social Media Marketing

Optima Farma represents assistents and pharmaceutical consultans who work in pharmacies. The appearance of the websites and the branding has to look professional but also accessible.

There are four websites created for Optima Farma; the general site, conference site, job search site and the webshop. | | |

Ewoud De Groot Contemporary Wildlife Artist

Visual Design | Branding | Web Design

Ewoud De Groot is a contemporary wildlife artist from the Netherlands. His work is widely collected, nationally and internationally.

Cocept for the branding: clean and transparent. It offers a clear look at his work, news about his work, exhibitions and the working spaces.


Farmaceutisch Consulent Saxion Next

Art-Direction | Concept Design | Visual Design | Web Design | Branding | Social Media Marketing | Photography | Copywriting | Product Design

In the past, Saxion Next has given courses in the profession of Pharmaceutical Consultant. Pharmaceutical Consultants work with the Pharmacists as managers of the Pharmacy.

Concept for the branding: professionality and pride. The marketing is based on pride, show everyone that you are a professional, proud to be a Pharmaceutical Consultant.
Text: ‘A Pharmaceutical Cunsultant speaks clear language’.


Branding | Art-Direction | Visual Design | Web Design | Social Media Marketing

MAAKLabGro is an initiative of SKKEK. It offers a creative workspace for children. Concept for the branding: it displays an image of a laboratory where you can experiment, create and build everything you want.
Text: ‘MAAKLabGro; for the dreamers’.


FPZ Instituut 

Branding | Art-Direction | Visual Design | Web Design | Icon Illustrations

Institute for Training and Advice on pharmaceutical patient care. Concept for the branding: FPZ Institute is the next chapter in pharmaceutical patient care.
By displaying the individual skills needed for pharmaceutical patient care as molecules which, coming together, provide complete knowledge.


Fencing Club Heerenleed

Branding | Visual Design

Heerenleed is a fencing club in Groningen, The Netherlands. Concept for the branding: unifying the three disciplines of fencing, taught at Heerenleed; the foil, épée and sabre, all under one shield.



Branding | Visual Design | Web Design | Social Media Marketing

SKKEK is an institution which provides art education for children. Concept for the branding: children are rough diamonds which can be polished by education.

Olaf Otto Fotografie

Branding | Visual Design

Olaf Otto is a multidisciplinairy Photographer. The Logo has the form of a block stamp. By using transparent letters, the various disciplines appear. Each time the ‘stamp’ is used it gives the branding a new look and feel.


Brand Your

Branding | Visual Design | Motion Graphics

BrandYour is a design company, specialised in interiour design. Concept for the branding: ‘reflection’. Every design we make is a reflection of you, your interiour, your company, or organisation.


Westo Precast Concrete Factory

Art-Direction | Branding | Visual Design | Web Design | Photography | Photograph Manipulation | Copywriting | Slogan Invention | Interior Design | Advertising Campaign

Westo is a precast concrete factory which produces precast concrete elements for different building projects. Concept for the branding: experience concrete, show the possibilities and the beauty of concrete. ‘No matter how difficult, we can make anything from precast concrete and let ik look magnifisent’.
Text: ‘Strong in Performance’. Tekst: ‘Constructional Class’.

Cass De Gouden Smaak

Concept Design | Visual Design | Art-Direction | Branding | Advertising | Web Design | Copywriting | Packaging Design | Social Media Marketing

Cass De Gouden Smaak is a Wine and Lifestyle company which markets wine, art and clothing. Concept for the branding: a luxurious and exclusive brand for refined taste, the golden taste.

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